"Careers are made on a day like today."

This sentence comes from a lawyer friend, uttered to me on June 18, 2020.

It was the day when the demise of the former German DAX company Wirecards began. At the time, I could not have imagined that my next few months would also be very turbulent. Suddenly, opportunities arose for me as a balance sheet expert that I would not have thought possible. Within weeks of Wirecard’s collapse, I was quoted in the New York Times, interviewed live by CNBC, and heard on radio across Europe. A few months later, I was heard as an expert witness in the German Bundestag’s Committee of Inquiry and the Finance Committee. These are just a few highlights of this turbulent period.

Since then, not only has my portfolio of services changed. I have also published two more books dealing with the topic of accounting cosmetics and accounting fraud. Because even if Wirecard is a very special case, there are always cases where companies prettify their figures in a legal way, crossing the line to legality with balance sheet manipulation. In addition, I also deal with balance sheet analysis and accounting regulations on a national and international level.

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